Illinois Oil Production Just Under 3.65 Million Barrels in First Half of 2021

Illinois crude oil production totaled 3,647,520 barrels in the first half of 2021, according to reports submitted to the Illinois Petroleum Resources Board (IPRB) by Illinois first purchasers. Click here to download our first half 2021 Illinois oil production report.

Average daily oil production in the state was 20,264 barrels per day in the first half of the year, a slight 0.7 percent increase from the same time period last year. Monthly state production has consistently been between 615,000 to 640,000 barrels so far this year, with February (466,864 barrels) being an outlier, primarily because of extreme cold weather that drove some production offline for a significant time.

White County remains by far Illinois’ top oil producing county, totaling 1,053,888 barrels of production in the first half of 2021. That represents just under 29 percent of the state’s total production for the first half of the year. White County is on pace to surpass 2 million barrels of annual production for the third straight year.

The other top-10 producing counties in the first half of 2021 were Marion (379,948 barrels), Crawford (303,660), Fayette (233,792), Lawrence (210,689), Wabash (174,253), Franklin (151,904), Wayne (138,300), Clay (137,326) and Clark (106,172). Forty-three Illinois counties produced oil in the first half of the year, with the top-15 producing counties again accounting for more than 90 percent of the state’s total production. All 15 of those counties have passed resolutions of support for the Illinois oil production industry.