The Illinois Petroleum Resources Board (IPRB) was created with the passing of the Illinois
Petroleum Education and Marketing Act in July 1998, amended in July 2002 and January
2007. The Governor appointed administering the provisions of the Act.

The mission of the Illinois Petroleum Resources Board is to:

Promote an understanding of the business of oil and gas production in Illinois through education
and public relations.

Foster goodwill towards the industry by encouraging environmentally sound practices with
respect to ongoing production and historical oilfield problems

Support research related to oil exploration and production and problem remediation.

The goal of the Illinois Petroleum Resources Board is to improve the image and credibility
of the Illinois oil and gas industry. The IPRB accomplishes this goal through t
he following

Education - create an understanding of the Illinois oil and gas industry and good safety practices
through free programs with schools, organizations, and the public at large,

Public Relations - promote a positive image and understanding of the industry with a proactive
public relations campaign through the use of the print media, broadcast media, speakers,
signage, and other methods of communication,

Environmental Remediation - participate in environmental characterization and remediation
work caused by historical oil and gas production within Illinois (free to landowners),

Research - support research activities for projects that are related to Illinois oil and gas
production and related activities,

Solicitation of Contributions - seek and obtain contributions and donations from members of
the oil and gas industry and others for use in achieving the objectives of the organizations,

for use in achieving the objectives of the organization,

Making Grants
- distribute grants to educational and industry researchers and organizations for
use in achieving the objectives of the organization.